Public radio makes me curious and that curiosity makes me want more. And at age 53, there aren’t many things out there I really want more of these days. So many times after hearing an interview I find myself scrambling to find paper and a pen so I can write down either the person’s name or the title of the book or band because it was so interesting I wanted to be able to find out more. Worse yet, I get to where I’m going but the program isn’t over yet and I’ll stay there in my car just so I can hear the end of it. Weekends you won’t find the TV on in my house because there’s Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, and Says You, that take me into the afternoon. I’ve even put off vacuuming until there’s a station break! And all of this wonderful stuff is free. Nothing else other than the public library is free. Long gone are the days of free network TV. I can’t afford $ 100 a month for cable but without the receiver and converter box, your TV’s just another piece of furniture that needs dusting. I know everyone keeps saying how the recession is over and we’re all doing better, but we aren’t. Or at least I’m not. Rent takes more than half my paycheck and then there’s insurance and the utilities. Thank god my daughter quit asking why we don’t have cable and her Christmas list doesn’t include an iPhone or iPad anymore. I wish we did have all that like all her friends, but there is something we do have that they don’t. And that’s the fun of hearing wonderful stories and playing along with quiz shows together listening to our radio. Sincerely, Carrie Peterson Crockett, California
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I love my radio